Verint Systems, Inc. Service Delivery Manager in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Job Title: Service Delivery Manager

Location: UK-GB-Glasgow

Job ID: 13359

Role Purpose

As a Service Delivery Manager, you will work as part of our Application Support (APSU) team engaging directly with our clients to deliver world class customer support experience for the company’s portfolio of Verint Engagement Management (EM) products.

The Service Delivery Manager gains an in-depth understanding of their customers, and how they use Verint’s solutions. Through this understanding they act as the voice of the customer within Verint, and become a trusted advisor to the customer. They also play a pivotal role in the customer engagement by being the key liaison between the client and the APSU team members, and strive to deliver the best possible outcome for both the client and Verint.

Service Delivery Managers carry out the following activities:

  • New customer on-boarding activities

  • Manage customer communication

  • Build strong working relationships with the client stakeholders & teams

  • Perform the role of Incident Manager (potentially on-call) for any P1/P2 incidents, running customer bridges, providing comms, et cetera

  • Manage Root Cause Analysis reporting

  • P3/P4 ticket prioritisation

  • Perform the role of Problem Manager

  • Update MyKANA tickets, or equivalent, ensuring that tickets have been responded to, are being progressed, and are in the correct status

  • Identify CR’s that have been raised as support tickets, and liaise with Ops Directors

  • Managing the contracted Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

  • Weekly customer status reports

  • Weekly work plan updates

  • Weekly status calls

  • Producing monthly operational reports, including various metrics, such as adherence to SLA’s

  • Report on utilization for fixed day or T&M customers

  • Facilitating monthly, quarterly & annual client executive meetings

  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI) reporting

  • In-depth understanding of customers' businesses, their roadmap, and how they use their Verint solutions to service their customers

  • Analysing customer usage patterns and making recommendations for Capacity Planning, and better leveraging Verint products

  • Educating customers on new product releases and features

  • Release management / coordination

  • Participate in Change Authority Board (CAB), and ensure all relevant paperwork has been completed prior to the meeting

  • Coordinating and managing minor upgrades and/or enhancements

  • Engage in handover of work to & from the PS & APSU teams

  • Managing, measuring, and improving customer satisfaction

  • Motivate APSU team to achieve desired results for customers

  • Provide regular and consistent updates to the HoAS, including identification of innovative improvements

  • Identify risks & issues and suggest appropriate actions to mitigate them

  • Perform a range of tasks in Financial Force, or equivalent, including time reporting

  • Strive to improve processes & solutions

  • Complete Managed Services specific deliverables, including regular updates & reports, CR’s, CAB, RCA’s, FinancialForce tasks, etc, which can be subject to change

Job Metrics

  • CSAT, client feedback, or case studies

  • Success of relationships built and maintained with client stakeholders, APSU, Product Support & Managed Services team members

  • Management of support tickets & queues, and identification of Change Requests

  • Accurate and timely reporting

  • Adhering to, and championing, processes & procedures

  • Risks identified and addressed before they become issues

  • Motivating project team in achieving successful outcomes

  • Team / service improvements

In what areas will you perform?

CSAT, client feedback, or case studies

  • Deliver a high level of client satisfaction through understanding their needs, and providing quality, timely solutions to address these

  • Be the voice of the customer

  • Identify changes that improve CSAT

  • Use experience to influence resolution discussions

  • Achieve good CSAT results when customers are surveyed

  • Receive praise from customers due to good service

  • Attain signed-off APSU case studies from customers

Success of relationships built and maintained with client stakeholders, APSU, Product Support & Managed Services team members

  • Work flexibly to suit departmental / client needs and deadlines

  • Proactively lead the APSU team to achieve individual & team goals

  • Share any relevant experiences, and champion improvements, with the wider PS, MS & engineering teams

  • Promote new ideas to team and wider audience

  • Liaise with Product Support & Engineering teams to progress fixes for out of the box coding bugs

  • Lead discussions with Managed Services team to progress fixes for environment related defects

  • Lead discussions with Professional Services team during project handovers and to progress fixes for customised code defects

  • Liaise with clients and 3rd party suppliers to ensure smooth resolution of issues

  • Lead conference calls with clients to provide updates on support related tasks & issues

  • Ensure smooth project handovers between APSU and other teams

  • Confident giving individual performance feedback

Management of support tickets & queues, and identification of Change Requests

  • Update APSU support ticket queue

  • Identify tickets that are not APSU incidents (e.g. CR’s, Managed Services, etc)

  • Review customers tickets to ensure that there have been timely updates, that the issues are being progresses, and that the status is correct

  • Ability to prioritise tickets across a range of customers

  • Identify where tickets need to be reassigned

  • Ensure regular peer-to-peer queue reviews are completed

  • Proactively help to progress tickets that are more than 3 months old

  • Proactively progress resolutions for clients, especially those who have more than 9 actionable tickets

  • Work closely with the APSU Technical Team Lead (TTL) to manage queues

Accurate and timely reporting

  • Responsible for producing customer reports in-line with their contract

  • Responsible for producing RCA’s for P1 & P2 incidents

  • Produce reports as required for other internal departments and Ops Directors

  • Provide CSAT updates

  • Monitor & report on customer utilisation

Adhering to, and championing, processes & procedures • Ensure internal processes and documentation adherence

  • Guide inter-departmental teams through the processes (eg CAB & RCA)

  • Identify any gaps in adherence, especially for other inter-departmental teams

  • Lead by example

Risks identified and addressed before they become issues

  • Identify risk that could impact the service to APSU deliverables

  • Identify mitigating actions to prevent issues

  • Escalate to APSU TTL & HoAS where appropriate

  • Foster risk adverse mentality within the APSU team

  • Foster a quality delivery mentality within the APSU team

  • Ensure that the team are made aware of any planned work being undertaken by the customer, or Managed Services

  • Ensure any customer, or Managed Services, outages are communicated to the team as soon as possible

Team / service improvements

  • Strengthen team agility through personal development and knowledge transfer

  • Work with the APSU TTL & HoAS to manage individuals through performance issues

  • Be a role model to the team

  • Identify & deliver innovations to the service, processes & practices

  • Bring composure to the APSU team and client during pressured situations

Skills & Experience


  • Experience working in a client facing, team based environment essential

  • Ability to adapt to various client priorities essential

  • Comfortable communicating in a group of people, and proactively sharing information essential

  • Previous experience of 1+ years in a similar or related role desirable

  • Excellent planning and customer management skills essential

  • Strong communication skills essential

  • Ability to present confidently in both face-to-face and online situations essential

  • Solid technical background/understanding desirable

  • Understanding or awareness of customer experience, multi-channel solutions desirable

Industry specific

  • Experience of working with Software Development Life Cycle desirable

  • Experience working in a support, or equivalent, team desirable

  • Experience of performing the role of Major Incident Manager desirable

  • Experience of performing the role of Problem Manager desirable

  • Experience of managing SLA’s essential

  • Experience of Continual Service Improvement & Capacity Planning desirable

  • Familiar with support principals and terminology essential

  • Experience of producing reports relevant to the role essential

  • Experience working to a defined scope and managing change to that scope essential


  • Fast-paced, changing environment, demanding flexibility desirable

  • Direct Client and Partner support essential


  • Ability to gain an in-depth understanding of customers Verint solutions and how they use it to service their customers essential

  • Able to hold detailed conversations about customer issues, and to reliably identify risks/issues that require to be escalated essential

Professional Experience

  • Experience working with a number of internal & external teams desirable

  • Experience of building relationships with client stakeholders essential

  • Experience of building relationships with inter-departmental teams in challenging & pressured situations in order to deliver the best result for the customer essential

  • Experience of leading call bridges essential

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